Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ode to john mendlein

the Caribbean calls
it's 6 am
sun and tide ascending
the air sticks to my lungs
clings to my body
broken conch and 
dead coral massage 
my soles as
tropical birds wake
and sing 
to their lovers

back at the ritz
i drink a cappuccino 
from fine bone china
and think of you
how you traveled the world 
with other lovers
but never with me
how you visited tropical islands
and foreign lands
while i stayed home 
to feed the 

i think of how many
women you've fucked
not just with your malevolent cock
boston georgia san francisco leucadia
but with your artful deceit
not just women
men too
your Caribbean blue eyes
but there is 
ice in your heart
and duplicity in your soul
at the gym
through plate glass
i watch bodies melt into
chaise lounges 
forearms dangle 
lifelessly off the sides 
the world is quiet
nothing stirs
the stifling air
paralyzes most
but i smile

you trained me to thrive
in oppresive conditions
you taught me to flourish
in the twisted mind fuck 
you called love
i built my endurance 
by swimming 
in your caustic stew
of manipulation and greed
i never gave up
even after i knew 
too much

so i run 
and drink in the suffocating air
i smile 
with my mouth, my eyes, my heart.
i am no longer subject to
your narcissism 
your egotism
your calculating manipulations
your vacuous 
you are gone
i am free

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